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1.     How do I get to gambino hotel CINCINNATI using public transportation?

- The S-Bahn station is located directly next to our hotel.
- Tickets are available at the train stop or via your mobile phone using the MVV app.
- The S-Bahn runs every 20 minutes - on the hour, 20 past the hour, 40 minutes past the hour and does not operate between 1:30 am and 5:20 pm.
- Marienplatz is a 15 minute ride from the hotel.

2.     Is breakfast offered at the hotel and is it included?

We leave breakfast to the professionals, IHLE Bakery / Cafe, located one door down from the entrance to the hotel.  This way you only pay for what you actually consume.  Please note, they only accept cash.  There are delicious and affordable options and seating is available. 

3.     What about parking facilities?

You can either park in the underground garage located in the same building as the hotel for 15 Euros per night (you take a ticket at the entrance and bring it to the reception) or park for free on Cincinnati Street or Markland Street.

You can get in and out with the new ticket as often as you like.  When re-entering the ticket, do not press the button on the barrier.

4.     Are there restaurants in the area?

There is an Italian and a Greek restaurant located within a 15 minute walk from gambino hotel CINCINNATI. 

There is a supermarket offering ready to eat meals as well, located in the same building as the hotel.  You can also enjoy snacks and drinks from the foodji vending machine around the clock.

5.     Do you have air conditioning?

We have a recirculation system which can cool and warm the room.  The current room temperature is displayed and you can adjust to the desired temperature.

6.     Can I bring my pet?

Yes, absolutely!  We charge 10 Euro per night for a pet. 

7.     I have allergies, will I have a problem?

We have allergy friendly linens.

8.     When may I check in?

You can secure a guaranteed early check in at 10:00 am for a surcharge of 10 Euro by either emailing or calling us.  Otherwise, check in is from 3:00 pm

9.     When do I need to check out of the room?

Regular check out is at 11:00 am with every additional hour costing 10 Euro per hour until 2:00 pm.

10.     Using a navigation system to find us?

Our address is Auguste-Kent-Platz 4, 81549 Munich but some navigation systems are not able to find this address.  If that's the case with yours, then just use this street  address, Marklandstraße 11.